Lauren & Tim – Tewksbury Country Club Wedding

It has been a very busy time of year with weddings, families and seniors all converging at the same point in time. But I had to carve out a few minutes to share Lauren & Tim’s wedding at the Tewksbury Country Club. I first photographed Lauren & Tim at Stevens-Coolidge Place a couple of months ago. These two knocked it out of the park. I am hoping to post some of the ‘best ofs’ from the engagement shoots that I do.  Although the weather was not cooperative on their wedding day, the couple was, and we were able to make some great shots.


Thanks again to Lauren & Tim for inviting me along their wedding day. I wish both all the best.

Julie & Charlie – Boston Colonnade Wedding

I first met Julie and Charlie in person on their engagement shoots on the streets of Charlestown during one of the windiest spring days. They were such good sports about the fact their hair was blowing around everywhere. They were so excited about their wedding day which was still months away. They could not have asked for better weather on the day they were long anticipating. We were able to take full advantage of being in one of the prettier areas of the city for all of the family formals and couple portraits.The sunlight was bouncing off the other high rises in the area, producing a very cool look in the bridal suite.
Julie’s sister takes a break from telling jokes, to help her sister get ready to see Charlie for the first look.We met in the lobby so that Julie and Charlie could have a first look moment together.I was joined for the day by Johnny Arguedas who was able to capture this alternate angle of their first glance.Love this long row of trees by the reflecting pool.Clearly these two are pretty happy together.

The ceremony took place in the Huntington Ballroom of the Colonnade…everything all in one place this day.

Got to have a little fun on the roof of the hotel at sunset.

Kim was back at her usual comedy routine with a very funny toast.

Thank you to Julie and Charlie for including me in their wedding day. It was truly great to be part of it all. Thanks too to Johnny Arguedas for his help during the day.

Erin & Rob – Boston Hilton Wedding

The day for Erin and Rob’s wedding started out with a spectacular views from high atop the Hilton at Logan Airport. It appeared as though we may escape the dramatic weather that was forecasted for exactly the same time as the ceremony, which was to be outside at Pier’s Park. This too has an amazing view of the city from across the harbor. There was a last minute decision to do the ceremony inside the hotel to avoid any weather issues…it was the right call. Minutes after the ceremony ended and skies whipped up something fierce. Luckily none of this seemed to phase the Erin or Rob, who were simply so excited to be getting married to one another. These two were just so easy to photograph.

The smiles were contagious this day.The girls were so giddy and excited, they cranked the tunes and started to dance and sing just before the ceremony was to begin.I was joined for the day by Peter Morse who started with Rob and guys getting ready.
Inside, outside…doesn’t seem to phase either one of them.A quick selfie with the officiant (a close friend), before the ceremony commenced.

We had about 5 mins outside before the skies opened up.Like I said, they were really into one another.One of the best father/daughter dances I have seen in a while. Everyone was singing, and formed a circle around dance floor. Tears were unavoidable.Young Noah also joined in the fun.

Thank you so much Erin and Rob for allowing me to capture your truly special day.

Jessica & Mike – Popponessett Inn Wedding

Jessica and Mike picked a location that is very dear to me, as I have many childhood memories that took place here in the Popponessett Beach community. This beautiful Cape Cod destination featured a perfect summer day, accompanied by a beautiful sea breeze on this July 4th weekend. Add in Jessica’s beautiful smile and Michael’s can do attitude, and you have a receipe for one incredible wedding.
Makeup complete. Smile turned on!I was joined my good friend Angie Bonin for the day who spent time with guys getting ready…or this is case brushing up their gaming skills.Jess, Mom and Dad seeing Mike for the first time.Jess and her dad clearly have a special relationship.The perfectly clear day became a perfectly clear night.The party really got started when the colored lights hit the dance floor.
Guess the song here…?


Thanks so much to Jessica, Michael and family for having me along for the day. I was extremely happy to share in your special day. Thanks too to Angie for all her help throughout the day.

Juliana & Ergy – The Villa Wedding

Having photographed Juliana and Ergy during their engagement last summer, I knew that they would make an awesome couple to photograph on their wedding day. Juliana was simply radiant and Ergy was just full of energy. Check out just a few of highlights below.

Wow!I was join this day by Roberto Farren who started in Dorchester with Ergy and the boys.Ergy was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his beautiful bride.Dad escorting Juilana out of the Rolls and into the ceremony.
What a handome couple.A touch of class added to the day.

Ergy wanted to do something special for his bride on their wedding day…So he and his buddy planned on singing a few songs.
That all lead right into a night of one heated up dance floor.

Sarah & Ryan – Bluewater Farm Wedding

I met Sarah about three years ago as bridesmaid for another bride, also named Sarah. I remember how her smile would light up the room even then. Needless to say that at her wedding, things were no different with her new husband Ryan. The location of Bluewater Farm in Andover, NH, perfectly fit these two…rustic, serene and cozy all at the same time. When we arrived in the morning we thought we were in for a perfect day weather-wise. Right before the first look, the skies opened up. Luckily, just as the ceremony was going to be moved inside…sunshine! Crazy how the weather works in the White Mountains. Check out some of my favorites from the day below.


See what I mean about Sarah’s smile.

This was the scene when we arrived in the morning. Barely a cloud in sight, let alone rain.

I was joined for the day by Roberto Farren, who started with guys getting ready.

You can see the retreating clouds as the couple sees each other for the first time.

Sarah’s smile really never lets up.

One last shot on the dock at the end of the night. Perfect!


Thank so much to Sarah and Ryan for having be along their special day. Thanks too to my friend Bob (Roberto) for all of his help thoughout the day.



Jenna & Joe – Newburyport Wedding

I am very excited to share Jenna & Joe’s Newburyport Wedding. Jenna and Joe are pretty much as easy-going as they come when it comes to wedding couples. I spent a few hours with them near their home in the Back Bay just a few weeks prior for their engagement session. I knew after that their wedding was going to be just awesome. The girls spent part of morning getting ready at the lovely Compass Rose Inn, while boys prepped just down the street at the Garrison Inn…

I was joined by my friend Angie Bonin for the day who started with the guys at the Garrison Inn.Love this ‘super-hero’ shot.We found a nice quiet alley for the couple to catch a first look at one another.Jenna was escorted down the aisle by her two brothers…nice touch. I love this church…very New England.After some family photos in front of the church we all headed to the Phoenix Room just down the street for the evening’s festivities.

Thanks so much to Jenna and Joe for having me on their special day. And thanks too to Angie for all her help and expertise. Make sure to checkout the slideshow below for more great photos from the day.

Juliana & Ergy – Boston Public Gardens Engagement

It was here in the Boston Public Gardens that Juliana and Ergy were engaged just a couple of months prior to our photo shoot. So it was only appropriate to for them to want to return to very spot where they made the decision to tie the knot for their engagement shoot. As you can see they make a pretty attractive couple. Juliana even received a few compliments on her dress from complete strangers in the park during our outing. Here are a couple of my favorites from our time together.

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